Class 2 is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 group. The class teacher is Emma Kalarus and Sarah Reid (Fridays), who are supported by teaching assistants Jo Walker and Jane Carne . Emma Kalarus can be contacted by email: 

Sarah Reid’s email is:

Meet the teacher Information

Every year we put in place ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions, unfortunately this year we are unable to hold these sessions. Please find some information about Class 2 on the link below.

These are all trials as I have never set spellings or number bonds in this way before, please share your thoughts with me and let me know if this way is not working for you.

Meet the teacher information 

Ebooks – Please follow the link to find some free ebooks available on oxford owl website

Phonics games – Phonics play have sent out a free access password for children at home. There are loads of fun phonics game on here that the children can play, many of them they may have seen in school.

Username – jan21

Password – home

PE/Exercise – Joe Wicks is now doing his live exercise lessons again on youtube. This is a good way to stay active and get your brains warmed up for home learning.


Week beginning – 18.01.21


Please see tapestry accounts for an explanation of home learning for literacy as these have been uploaded to your personal page.

I have sent you all a text to say which set of RWI your child needs to work on. Please use the link below to access these RWI videos daily on youtube within the set I have sent you. They are uploading them daily so I can not put them all up at once.

If you would like any further literacy work, this can be accessed through Talk for Writing at the following link;

This is another two week writing task.


Monday : Add by counting on – Video   worksheet   answers

Tuesday: Add ones using number bonds (Only the first part of the sheet) –Video   worksheet  answers

Wednesday: Add ones using number bonds (second part of the sheet) – Video  worksheet  Answers

Thursday: Find and make number bonds  – video  worksheet  answers

Friday: Add by making 10 – Video       worksheet     answers


Our topic this week is History:

Please see links below for the work your child is expected to do at home this week.


Monday: 5 times tables- Video      worksheet     answers

Tuesday: 10 times tables – video  worksheet  answers

Wednesday: making equal groups by sharing – video  worksheet  answers

Thursday: making equal groups by grouping – video  worksheet  answers

Friday: Divide by 2  – video  worksheet  answers


We will provide a daily video which would tie into the speed sound which would have been taught at school that day.

Please use the link below to access these RWI videos daily on youtube. Year 2 are focusing on set 3 speed sounds/spellings.

They are uploading them daily so I can not put them all up at once.

In addition to these videos, any letter formation practise and word writing relating to the sound of the day would be beneficial.

If you would like more literacy work – writing based; This is a two week unit for you to work on from home.

Please follow the link below to accessed all of the unit on a text called the magical teaching box. Remember this is 2 weeks worth of work.

Magical teaching box


Topic work for the next week is science, materials.

Please follow this link to find all of the lessons – each lesson has a video, quiz and an activity to complete.

Mrs Kalarus’s weekly challenges

If you have time or would like to please see if you can complete some of my weekly challenges. If you do please send me some photos as I would love to see what you have been doing.

Click this link to have a go!

Please continue with your number bonds as part of your home learning. If you can along with your number bonds can you please start looking at the time tables, especially for 2, 5, 10 and 3’s.

Number bond sheets

Number bonds Times Tables/ Division
Number bonds to 10

Number bonds to 5

Number bonds to 6

Number bonds to 7

Number bonds to 8

Number bonds to 9

Number bonds to 11

Number bonds to 12

Number bonds to 13

Number bonds to 14

Number bonds to 15

Number bonds to 16

Number bonds to 17

Number bonds to 18

Number bonds to 19

Number bonds to 20

Number bonds to 30

Number bonds to 40

Number bonds to 50

Number bonds to 60

Number bonds to 70

Number bonds to 80

Number bonds to 90

Number bonds to 100

10 x tables

2 x tables

5 x tables

Dividing by 10

Dividing by 2

Dividing by 5

3 x tables

Dividing by 3

4 x tables

Dividing by 4

6 x tables

Dividing by 6

7 x tables

Dividing by 7

8 x tables

Dividing by 8

9 x tables

Diving by 9












Class 2’s weekly time table

This term we are learning all about ‘Weather and Seasons’

Here are some of our long term plans, so you are aware of what your children will be learning each week.

SPAG planning            Maths Planning

End of year expectations 

Year 2 end of year expectations:

Reading       Maths       Writing

Year 1 end of year expectations:

Reading       Maths       Writing

The children have to show evidence of all bullets in each section to move onto the next section  level.

Please click here to see our topic planning


Your children will be doing PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They will need to come into school in their PE kits on Thursday, Wednesday will just be games that we can do in our school uniform. PE kits should be black shorts or tracksuit bottoms with a plain white t’shirt – No football shirts please.

PE kits to be worn to school on Thursdays



Please can book bags be in school on Thursday 10th September or Friday 11th September. We will be sending home books on a Friday that need to stay at home for the week, these books will be changed every Friday. Book bags will only need to be in school on a Friday so we can change the children’s books. At the moment we are only sending home a reading book that can be read to the children or they can help you to read the book if they words are not too tricky. This is to ensure the children enjoyment for books continues whilst we are in the process of assessing the children to allocate them new books within our new reading scheme -Read, write, Ink. Thank you for your patience whilst these assessments are taking place.



  • Number Bond Challenge –We will still be doing our number bond challenges but we will be doing these in school at the moment to prevent lots of books having to go between school and home. The children will have time to practise these during the week daily and will be tested every Wednesday. If you would like to know your child progress with these please feel free to email me.


  • RWI and Spellings – Homework based on our new phonics/reading program will be sent home as soon as we have assessed all of the children in KS1.

Your child will be taking part in outdoor learning activities on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please can you bring waterproof’s and Wellies into school for your children, these will remain in school.


Assessment and the ‘mastery’ curriculum.

Please feel free to look at the following presentation about the ‘mastery’ approach to maths learning.  presentation .



When using the internet you should;

  • Always have a grown up with you.
  • Not talk back to people on the internet.
  • Always ask an adult for permission first.
  • Never click on things that appear on the screen.
  • Tell and adult if you are unsure of something.

Staying safe online

Do you know how to keep yourself safe online? Do you know what to do if you feel unsafe? To find out more, click on the Think U Know logo.

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