Class 2 is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 group. The class teacher is Emma Kalarus and Sarah Reid (Fridays), who are supported by teaching assistant Lesley Connell . Emma Kalarus can be contacted directly at drop off or pick up time or by email: 

Sarah Reids email is:


Class 2’s Weekly timetable

This term we are learning all about Cornwall.

We’ve started by looking at Cornish Folklore – Piskies, Spriggans and Knockers.

We have been learning actions to help us remember lots of information about Piskies, Spriggans and Knockers. Once we have learnt the actions we will be writing out own information using different features of non-fiction texts. Here are some interesting facts that we have been learning so far:

  1. Piskies are very small people that live in the Cornish moorland. They are tiny people with child like faces, full of wrinkles. Piskies have pointy hats and pointy shoes, they like to wear green and brown.
  2. Spriggans are very ugly with gigantic faces. They live in ruins and love to guard treasure. Spriggans can swell to an enormous size and they are fairy bodyguards. If things go missing, the Spriggans were always to blame.
  3. Knockers are just like Irish Leprechauns, they are two feet tall and live underground. Knockers liked to steal miners food and tools. They used to knock on the walls of mines to warn miners of danger and they were small mining clothes.



Your child will be taking part in P.E lessons every Monday and Wednesday. Please could you make sure that their correct P.E kits are available on Wednesdays. The children should be wearing blue or black shorts, white t’shirts and plimsoles or trainers.



Book bags need to be in school daily. Please can you make sure your children’s book bags are placed in the boxes provided. We check all of the book bags daily so there is no need to remove any books from your child’s bag. We will change books if they have been finished.

High frequency words will soon sent home for you to practise with your child during the week. There will be on going assessments in class to track the children’s progress and new words will be sent home as appropriate. If you recieve these words they will be on an A4 piece of paper, all of the words that are not ticked are the words you need to practise.



  • Number Bond Challenge – please bring number bonds book in on Wednesdays for the new Challenge to go out Wednesdays/Thursdays.
  • Phonics – homework goes home on a Friday, to be returned on a Thursday/Friday, please. This homework will be linked to the Letters and Sounds work being covered in lessons that week.


Please use the links below to access resources at home to support your child learning in Literacy and Numeracy

Number bonds to 10  

Number bonds to 20

 Counting up in steps of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Your child will be taking part in forest school lessons on a Tuesday afternoon, please can all waterproofs and wellington boots be kept in school so we have access to these every Tuesday.


Assessment and the ‘mastery’ curriculum.

At the recent ‘Meet the Teacher’ session we gave a presentation on the new arrangements for assessing your children following the removal of National Curriculum levels. At the same time we shared information about the ‘mastery’ approach to maths learning. For those who were unable to attend we have uploaded the presentation for you. In  addition, we have sent out the revised end of year expectations in reading, writing and maths. These are also uploaded for you to view online: Year 2

This term Class 2 are learning to recall their number bonds to 10 and then 20. To help learn these important calculations perhaps you might like to play an online number bond game.


When using the internet you should;

  • Always have a grown up with you.
  • Not talk back to people on the internet.
  • Always ask an adult for permission first.
  • Never click on things that appear on the screen.
  • Tell and adult if you are unsure of something.


Staying safe online

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