Class 2 is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 group. The class teacher is Emma Kalarus and Sarah Reid (Fridays), who are supported by teaching assistant Lesley Connell . Emma Kalarus can be contacted directly at drop off or pick up time or by email: 

Sarah Reid’s email is:


Hello Class 2, I hope you have had a lovely week. Here is a new video talking about lots of the wonderful things I have seen you doing at home and some special birthday messages. Some of your friends in Class 2 have also sent you some messages.

Our old hello message below:

Hello Class 2     You might need to turn up the volume as I think it automatically plays with no sound!

Click on the link above to see the video, sorry for the link it didn’t want to load onto the page as normal!


***********This weeks Class challenge!***********

I am going to attempt to put a video of our Class all dancing next to make us all smile and laugh!

Follow the link below and learn some of the moves, send me a video of you doing your dance.


Pupil work

Maths work 06.07.2020

Your child should record all answers in their home learning book as I will be reviewing pupil progress when school resumes (I need to know how successful your child have been in order to plan next steps in their learning).

· Please date each maths lesson.

· Please contact me via email if further support is e.g. you or your child do not understand how to do something; I will be checking and responding to my emails twice daily.

· Feel free to email any examples of your child’s work to me so I can see how they are getting on; I may even post it on the class webpage.

We will be following the White Rose home learning as will the other classes. All of the questions for each day are posted below along with the answers.

If you have trouble with the links below all of the sheets and activities can be found by clicking the link below each year group along side the support videos explain what the children need to do.

Year 1 Maths – week beginning 06.07.2020

Click on this link to view all of the support videos for these lessons

 Year 1        Year  2 

I am aware that the answers do not appear when opening the documents using phones or tablets, if you do not have access to a laptop or computer the answers can be found using the video link above. All of the work below can be found through the link above -videos, activity sheets and answers.

Lesson 1 –Order numbers     Answers

Lesson 2 –Recognising coins   Answers

Lesson 3 – Recognising notes     Answers

Lesson 4 –  Counting coins   Answers

Year 2 Maths

Lesson 1 – Measure mass in grams     Answers

Lesson 2 – Measure mass in kilograms    Answers  

Lesson 3 – Compare volume    Answers  

Lesson 4 – Millilitres        Answers    

Maths challenges 

Year 1 

Five coins

Year 2

Compare cups


· Your child should record all answers in their home learning book. Our literacy will be based on a picture for the week, focusing on a specific sentence skill each week. Please click on the links below to access this work.

· Date each English lesson.

· Contact me via email if further support required.

· Feel free to email any work to me so I can see how they are getting on

This week we are going to do some bitesize work for our Literacy to make it habit different.

Please find below the link to daily English lessons. Please choose at least one of the activities to complete using the rest of the instructions on the webpage to help you.

These lessons are uploaded daily so you will need to follow the link each day to find the English lesson. You do not need to print any of the sheets, just complete the tasks in your work books or using paper you have at home.

Year 1 –

Year 2 –

So your week will look like this when clicking on the links above.

Monday – ‘6th July: English’

Tuesday – ‘7th July: English’

Wednesday – ‘8th July: English’

Thursday – ‘9th July: English’

Friday – ’10th July: English’

Literacy Challenges

If you children would like to challenge themselves further please see the links below for the national trust literacy work. There are some very good writing activities that are more challenging than the ones above.

Year 1 –

Year 2-


Unfortunately due to social distancing and unessential travelling, we are unable to leave books outside the school to be collected. However, there are many sites offering free books online for the children to read. Please continue with reading 5 books a week, even if these are books you have at home. Make a note in your reading record of the books you have read.

Oxford owl free ebooks

Collins big cat ebooks

Topic work 6th July

Each week different topic work will be set for the children to complete.

This week the topic work for the afternoons is on more than one theme: computing and online safety as well as PE: 6th July KS1 Topic work PE ICT PHSE 

Thankyou for the work that lots of you have sent in. I love seeing it! If someone at home gives permission, I will try to put as many pictures up here as I can.

Last week, Hugh tried some delicious Cornish foods.

Caleb’s beautiful artwork using his pressed flowers.

Alfie’s already made a start on his art work with a beautiful drawing.

Alfie’s pressing a very elegant rose, ready for Friday’s art creation.

Last week, Heidi baked these delicious honey biscuits.

Liam’s pressing these beautiful blooms.


Willow’s beautiful pointillist painting.

An artist at work.

This is Liam’s beautiful finished work of art using the flowers he pressed earlier in the week. Well done, Liam!








Please email me any work that the children would like to share. I would love to see what they are doing at home. If you have any questions about the topic work, please email Mrs Reid (

PE – Keeping active and fit at home

Cosmic Kids on Youtube is a great way to stay active at home, these videos are stories but linked to yoga.



Look at all the hard work we are doing at home!

Please feel free to send me some pictures of your work so we can share what you have been doing with all of your friends in Class 2.



We have seen some amazing book covers this week for the challenge we set you! Well done Class 2.

Jake created his own book cover by David Williams.

Well done Jake! It looks amazing!
Willow has perfectly recreated her favourite book cover. Those cookies look devious Willow!






Caleb has recreated ‘Here comes Harry with his bucketful of dinosaurs. Very creative Caleb, I love it!


Holly has dressed up to create the book cover for Dogger! Great choice Holly, I love this story book and you look fantastic.








Caleb has made some fantastic art work this week. How amazing do these look?




Imogen has been working very hard with her writing this week! You have used some amazing adjectives in your work.


Joseph made a delicious cake for his birthday and even wrote some instructions telling us how he made the cake. Well done Joseph! I hope you enjoyed eating your cake.








Toby and Alfie have made some amazing Easter Gardens linked to our topic work last week. Well done boys, they look amazing!










Holly has been busy, working hard with her sentence work. Well done Holly, you even managed to include the challenge ‘oy’ words into your work. She has also been practising her cooking skills, making some delicious looking cakes!





Caleb has been very busy at home and we have received some lovely photos of his work. Here is some writing Caleb did about his superhero Superdog!


Heidi has been very creative at home and has also sent me some lovely writing. Here are some of her beautiful creations she has been making at home. I love her window display!









Connor has been working very hard with his maths at home and it was great to see some photos of him sharing objects into equal groups. Well done, Connor!



Class 2’s weekly time table

This term we are learning all about Space

Please click here to see our topic planning 

We’ve started by looking at our own houses and homes and comparing different types of homes that people may live in. As part of our topic we are looking at the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ story during our Literacy lessons.


Your child will be taking part in P.E lessons every Monday and Wednesday. Please could you make sure that their correct P.E kits are available on Wednesdays. The children should be wearing black shorts, white t’shirts and plimsoles or trainers.



Book bags need to be in school daily. Please can you make sure your children’s book bags are placed in the boxes provided. We check all of the book bags daily so there is no need to remove any books from your child’s bag. We will change books if they have been finished.

High frequency words will soon sent home for you to practise with your child during the week. There will be on going assessments in class to track the children’s progress and new words will be sent home as appropriate. If you recieve these words they will be on an A4 piece of paper, all of the words that are not ticked are the words you need to practise.

Please click here to see the first 100 high frequency words and the next 200 high frequency words that we will be learning to read and spell during KS1.



  • Number Bond Challenge – please bring number bonds book in on Wednesdays so the children can take part in their number bond challenge on Wednesday and new Challenges will go out Thursdays.
  • Phonics – homework goes home on a Friday, to be returned on a Thursday/Friday, please. This homework will be linked to the Letters and Sounds work being covered in lessons that week.
  • Spellings – Spellings will take place on a Wednesday, please help your children to learn their spellings at home. New spellings will be sent home every Thursday.

Please use the links below to access resources at home to support your child learning in Literacy and Numeracy

Number bonds to 10  

Number bonds to 20

 Counting up in steps of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.



Your child will be taking part in forest school lessons on a Tuesday afternoon, please can all waterproofs and wellington boots be kept in school so we have access to these every other Tuesday. These sessions will be weather permitting.

Assessment and the ‘mastery’ curriculum.

Please feel free to look at the following presentation about the ‘mastery’ approach to maths learning.  presentation .

End of year expectations in reading, writing and maths. These are also uploaded for you to view online: Year 2


When using the internet you should;

  • Always have a grown up with you.
  • Not talk back to people on the internet.
  • Always ask an adult for permission first.
  • Never click on things that appear on the screen.
  • Tell and adult if you are unsure of something.

Staying safe online

Do you know how to keep yourself safe online? Do you know what to do if you feel unsafe? To find out more, click on the Think U Know logo.

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