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Class 4 is a mixed year 5 and year 6 group. They are currently taught by Melissa Pinfield, the Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Hunt works with the class on Monday afternoons teaching Art or DT and PHSME.  He also takes Year 5 for maths.  They are supported by teaching assistant Heather Thomson.

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26.3.20 – update

Look what I found growing in the polytunnel today!  The purple sprouting broccoli and chard has appeared from the seeds planted last year.

Just to let you know that there will be no work set over Easter.  Keep reading as much as possible and working on your times tables.  I will upload work again at the end of the Easter break.  Feel free to email me in the meantime.  I enjoy reading your writing and seeing the maths that you have been up to.

Accelerated Reader

Quizzes can now be accessed on line.  Please use the link below and then enter in your user name and password.  You just need to click on the Accelerated Reader tab to access the quizzes.

Hello from the French penpals

The pupils are also writing about their week at home.  Have a go at writing about your week too.  You can write in English or French.  If you email me your work then I can send it on to the pupils.

Pupil work for the week beginning 23.3.20

If anyone finds a great site or has a good idea for what to do at home then email in.  I can post it on the website.

Here is some lovely writing from Cadan.  Here is some writing from Will.

The wind ululates overhead, its piercing cries rip through the snow causing avalanches in its wake. In the midst of this eerie landscape a figure appears, clothed in a neon orange waterproof coat and florescent pink waterproof trousers, a speck of life in this bleak landscape. With a grunt and a heave he hooks a rope to a ledge and stumbles to lower himself into the gaping crevasse; His bare hands burn as he fumbles with his radio praying there is still a signal this high. Croaking hoarsely he pleads for help then glances down at his twisted ankle and accidentally sees the bottomless pit of the crevasse. Scrambling up to check for help he remembers his fatal mistake of forgetting his gloves. When he gets to the top, the hostile wind claws at his face and numbs his hands. After seeing no signs of help he cowers back behind the ledge wondering if help would come.

Other ideas


Experiment with making rockets.  There is a design here that you could use or come up with your own design. Think about how you can improve on your design.


Have a go at making these Easter cards.

Maths work

Here is the work that was sent out to pupils on Friday 20th March. Here is a PDF version if you are having trouble with the Word version.

Here are the answers so you can check yourself.

Here are maths sites that will support your child with maths skills.

This video explains how to add and subtract fractions with denominators in the same times tables:

Corbett maths has a range of maths tasks for different subjects and with different levels of challenge.  You can access the website at

You can find home learning activities from White Rose here:

Keep practising your times tables on TT Rocks stars.  The website is

If you would like some more fraction investigations, then you can find these here:

Year 5 and 6 English work

Here is the English work for the week.  The story that inspired us is below if that helps.  I have tried to highlight the key elements.

These videos might help with writing.

The wind screams overhead.  Its piercing cries rip through the deserted landscape.  Once it was busy here but not any more. The only thing that moves now is the leafy oak trees that sway precariously as the wind whips through their branches.  Everything else – the deserted apartment blocks, the abandoned cars, the tangle of metal joists – is completely and utterly still and silent.  


From the top of Haven Nanotech a figure appears.  Clothed in black and wearing a scarf and shades, it is impossible to make out who it is.  With a grunt and a heave, he hoists a container from out of the gaping glassless window onto the ground.  It almost does not make a sound as it hits the bottom; it is so densely vegetated.  


Stooping low, he looks at the cracked smartphone in his hand.  With a gentle brush with his fingers, it comes to life. The screen, which is cracked, lights up.  He sighs. He turns his head to check that no-one is behind and then he whispers into his headset,” Vivi, I have found it.”


There is a crackle from the other end and a long pause.  Finally, a thin voice replies, “Well, get yourself out of there.  I think you might have been tracked by V8 agents!”


“But, but…..” the dark figure stammers. 


“Just head back to base and try not to get caught this time.  We cannot afford to lose it again.”


The dark figures checks behind him again and starts off towards the densely wooded area.  All at once, from out of nowhere, a gyrocopter appears. Blasting through the clouds, it hurtles down towards the dark figure.  Without pausing for breath, the dark figure sprints. Keeping low, he darts one way then another. He can see his freedom ahead – the densely packed trees that will give him cover.  Overhead, the gyrocopter swerves again and returns. Now it starts to shoot. Panting deeply, the dark figure gives it all he can. He leaps for the safety of the trees. Just in time.  Behind him the ground explodes. Now all that he can hope is that he makes it back to base safely.

Accelerated Reader

Here is the PowerPoint that was shown to parents on the Meet the Teacher sessions on Tuesday 24th September.  Here is the letter.

Supporting your child with SPAG

Here is a useful guide to the technical terms.

Supporting your child with spellings

Here are some ideas on how to help with spellings each week.


The Real Pirates of the Caribbean docudrama

To conclude their learning about Edward Teach, a real pirate of the Caribbean, Class 4 has made this docudrama. The children wrote the scripts, drew the pictures, created the props and performed the drama scenes; we hope you enjoy it.

Click to view film

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