Class 4

Class 4 is a mixed year 5 and year 6 group. They are currently taught by Melissa Pinfield, the Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Hunt works with the class on Tuesday afternoons teaching History.  They are supported by teaching assistants Heather Thomson, Jo Cocking and Michelle White.

Here is a copy of the updated timetable.  Here is a copy of the topic web for the Autumn term.

Remember that PE is on a Friday this term so you will need to come into school on Fridays in your PE kit. Thursdays is Forest School day so make sure you bring in your wellies and a waterproof coat.

Work this week

Here is a lovely piece of writing from Matilda based on the opening of Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick

Even before she had climbed down the ladder, the sky suddenly turned grey flooding the sky like ink.  It started to rain.  The wet rain numbed her nose and her cheeks were bright pink.  Her leggings were as wet as the sand below her feet.  She stepped on prickly seaweed and each time she flinched.  The seawater splashed in her eyes making it hard for her to see.

Heading out towards the dog house, she noticed the leashes handing up on the wooden hooks.  She expected the beach to look different, marked by her sister’s disappearance, but it looked like any other regular day.

Looking at the beach reminded Savannah of the days when she used to have sand castle competitions with her little sister Coco.  She remembered the waves washing over their feet and Coco screeching with freedom.  The memories came flooding back and she remembered Coco picking the smooth white shells for Savannah to make into a necklace.

But it wasn’t just good memories that she thought of, looking at the sand brought her back inevitably to the thought of the truck driving away making tracks in the sand and her sprinting after it.

Why was it that her little sister Coco – a feisty little girl – would be taken away for nothing?  Had she done anything wrong?  But as this question had been stuck in her head for a year now and she still couldn’t figure it out, she shook her head and waltzed back inside.

Children in Need

We had a great hair day this Friday for Children in Need.  Here is a wave inspired hairstyle from today.



Homework Friday 27th October

  1. Reading – make sure you are reading regularly at home
  2. Work on your 8x and 9x tables
  3. Work on your cial and tial words
    tial and cial words challenge words














Supporting your child with SPAG

Here is a useful guide to the technical terms.

Supporting your child with spellings

Here are some ideas on how to help with spellings each week.

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