Class 4

Class 4 is a mixed year 5 and year 6 group. They are currently taught by Melissa Pinfield, the Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Hunt works with the class on Monday afternoons teaching Art or DT and PHSME.  They are supported by teaching assistant Heather Thomson.

Thanks for everyone who sent in their videos.  Here is something that might get you moving this week.

Summer reading challenge

Here is information from the library service about this year’s summer reading challenge.  Follow the link to register.

The Summer Reading Challenge combines FREE access to books with fun creative online activities; This year it has been extended and will be launched on Friday 5th June and run until mid-September.

 How the Challenge works

  • Children sign up online to the Digital Summer Reading Challenge
  • The website will be free to access, featuring games, quizzes, digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home. Although library buildings are closed, libraries will also continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms i.e. Borrowbox, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Children taking part this year will be asked to set their own reading goal and we are keen to see if this encourages take up and completion. However, we will still be suggesting six books as the best goal to try for. Children who complete their Summer Reading Challenge will be able to download a certificate.

Quizzes can now be accessed on line.  Please use the link below and then enter in your user name and password.  You just need to click on the Accelerated Reader tab to access the quizzes.

If you are getting to the stage where your child has run out of books. There are nearly 500 articles under the ‘Accelerated Reader Articles’ button that your child could choose to read and then take a quiz on. If you are downloading e-books and want to know if they are on Accelerated Reader, you can find titles here:

Accelerated Reader is also offering free books through its MyOn site.  You can find books here:

You can also access free e-books from the Oxford and Collins websites.  Links are below:

Maths work 6.7.20

Year 6

This week we are looking at the area of different shapes.  You can find the lessons on the White Rose site (week 9 w/c 22nd June). There are extra challenges below that you might enjoy.

Monday’s lessonand answers

Tuesday’s lesson and answers

Wednesday’s lesson and answers

Thursday’s lesson and answers

Year 5

This week we are looking at properties of shapes. Follow the link below and find week 11 w/c 6th July on the White Rose site.

Monday’s lesson and answers

Tuesday’s lesson and answers

Wednesday’s lesson and  answers

Thursday’s lessons and answers

Year 5 and 6 challenge

This week the challenges are around shape and space.  Feel free to pick ones that you would like to do.

Four Triangle Puzzle

This one asks you to find how many different shapes you can make with 4 triangles.  It is a good starting point for thinking about different shapes.

Name that triangle

If you liked the last activity then you will enjoy this one.  It is one that extends your thinking about triangles.

Square Corners

This one you can play as a game.  You have to place counters on a grid without making squares.

Sometimes, always, never

This one is good for thinking about what you know about shapes and what the exceptions are.

Shape draw

This is a good one if you want to have a go at drawing shapes.

English work week beginning 6.7.20

This is a 2 week unit that is themed around transition.  The first part looks at your interests and your ambitions.  The second part is about what you would like to achieve next year.  It draws on much of the writing we have covered since lockdown.  It would be lovely to see what you have written so please email it in. This video will help to start you thinking about memories.  Here are the lessons.



This week’s topic learning is on computing, online safety and PE. If you have any questions, Mrs Reid’s email address is at the top of the work.

6th July 2020 KS2 ICT PHSE PE Topic work

Thankyou for work you’ve sent in. I’ve really been pleased with the great photos and videos I’ve seen.

Eliza created this zip wire for her experiment – good idea to create it indoors, with the tricky weather this week!

Here is Keira’s work on the person who has inspired her.

Supporting your child with SPAG

Here is a useful guide to the technical terms.

Supporting your child with spellings

Here are some ideas on how to help with spellings each week.

Childline Schools Service

Staying safe online

Do you know how to keep yourself safe online? Do you know what to do if you feel unsafe? To find out more, click on the Think U Know logo.

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