Class 4

Class 4 is a mixed year 5 and year 6 group. They are currently taught by Melissa Pinfield, the Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Hunt works with the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons teaching Art, Topic, Science and RE.  Mrs Lane works with the class on a Thursday morning teaching the Year 5 maths. They are supported by teaching assistant Heather Thomson.

Information from the teacher

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Here is the weekly timetable for class 4.

Although PE is timetabled for set days, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times as inclement weather can effect our timetabling.

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Meet the Teacher 

Please find all the information from the PowerPoint here.  For those people interested in CGP books, you can find the range for KS2 here For these people interested in Singapore maths more information can be found here .







Trip to Mama Rita’s

Thanks to Rita, we all enjoyed a lovely taste of the Caribbean.  The children were treated to jerk chicken, chicken curry, plantain dumpling and fried plantain.  Rita provided all of this for free just so that we could experience her amazing cooking.  Many thanks to Rita for a great day out! Many thanks also to Mrs Bennett for coming along and for taking the pictures. See us on the Herald’s website at




Homework 24.11.17

  1. Reading at least 3x to an adult and 2x to yourself.  Reading logs will be checked on Thursday.
  2. Work on your 12x tables and corrections.  The class 4 webpage has some questions you can try as well as answers (well done for those spotting the errors from last week)
  3. Work on your mis and dis words.  Try the activities on the back of the sheet.





























Homework will be due in on Thursday 30th  November

Paduan questions 

1. 15 + 7

2. 23 + 8

3. 100 – 18

4. 30 – 17

5. 1 – 0.1

6. 34 + 19

7. 23 + 17

8. 100 – 19

9. 70 – 17

10. 14 – 7

Answers so you can check yourself – please let me know if I make any mistakes!

1. 22

2. 31

3. 82

4. 13

5. 0.9

6. 53

7. 40

8. 81

9. 53

10. 7

Jedi questions

1. 4 x 12

2. 5 x 12

3.7 x 12

4. 11 x 12

5. 144 divided by 12

6. 36 divided by 12

7. 1 – 0.12?

8. 12 cm + 0.2m?


10. 0.12 x 1,000?

Answers so you can check yourself – please let me know if I make any mistakes!

1. 48

2. 60

3. 84

4. 121

5. 12

6. 3

7. 0.88

8. 32cm or 0.32m (or even 320mm Charles!)

9. 222

10. 120

Master questions

1.  12 x 300

2. 1.2 x 5

3. 40 x 12

4. 144 divided by 12?

5. 3.6 divided by 12?

6. 12 x 12 x 2?

7. 12 squared?

8. What are the prime factors of 12?

9. What is CCXXII + XXII?

10. 1.2 + 6 x 2

Answers so you can check yourself – please let me know if I make any mistakes!

1. 3,600

2. 6

3. 480

4. 12

5. 0.3

6. 288

7. 144

8. 2, 3

9. 224

10. 13.2


Poems inspired by Windrush Child by John Agard

Above you, school child

The cold oak tree stretches out from his long sleep

Behind you, school child

The freezing snow falls down

Like a shooting star shooting down

Beside you, school child

The cold snowflakes fall down

Think of the soft snow filling your garden

and cold mornings

(Will things turn out alright?)

Your sister’s words a shining light

Saying “goodnight”.

 Evie Hughes

High above you, Harrowbarrow child

The smooth blue sky roars sad, sad tears

Underneath you, Harrowbarrow child

the stony gravel says hello

Behind you, Harrowbarrow child

The brick wall comes closer to you

And whispers gently be safe, be safe

Around you, Harrowbarrow child

The different colour autumn leaves wave hi

Remembers your teacher’s words

Like a thousand fireworks lighting up

(telling you Harrowbarrow child do your very best

in whatever you do)

And you, Harrowbarrow child

Be nice, be nice

 Abi Dancer

The pallet of midnight colours dance in front my eyes

Artemis’ flag fills the sky

Her eyes digging into me

Searching for secrets

The scent of death is in the air but

No-one will see it

No-one will see it

 Erin O’Shea

Above you, army soldier

Bombers glide past

Beneath you, army soldier

Damp, muddy ground under your boots

Sinking in the damp mud

Beside you,

Loneliness looms over you

In front of you, army soldier

Tanks roaring over towards you

Death roams free

Remember your captain’s words

–        You are not as good as you think

–        You can do it

–        Be brave

 Joseph Becker

In front of you, Harrowbarrow child

Oak trees try to snatch at you

Behind you, Harrowbarrow child

The wolf growls…..die!

Around you, Harrowbarrow child

The night fury soars by

Think of:

Sparkling moonlight

Fresh summer

Lazy mornings

And your brothers and sisters

Telling you to be careful

And with one last breath – run good, run good

Shannon Parnell

In front of you, little wolf pup

A decaying wall of ivy blocking the daylight

Above you, little wolf pup

A night wing soaring by

Beside you, little wolf pup

Wolves scrutinizing you with its blood-shot eyes

Think of your mother giving comfort to you

Her words a light in the pitch black

Saying “Be safe, be safe.”

 Emily Bushell-Crane

 By your side, Mother Nature, the autumn leaves dance elegantly to the ground

Surrounding you, Mother Nature, the tree vines gently pirouetting

Starting at you, Mother Nature, the branches trying to hug you

All I need to remember – Mother Nature, that the oak tree will survive

Think of all that green, Mother Nature, that will appear in summer

My word (please live, please live) reminds me of my father

Snap, my words are gone.

 Grace Davies


This term’s topic is the Caribbean.  Please find more information on the topic web.

Want some ideas for homework?

Here is another good game for converting units of measurement


Here are the expectations for writing.  Here are some the writing maths for Year 5 and Year 6.

Supporting your child with maths

Following the meeting with parents, here are some resources that might help you support your child with maths.  Here are the maths targets for Year 5 and Year 6 to give you an idea of what is covered during the year.  Here are the expectations for pupils wanting to achieve a level 5 or 6 in maths.  Here are the different methods for working out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.

Here are some good websites for games

Supporting your child with writing

Technical terms that might help you

Determiner – tells you who much, how many and which one about a noun so it could be words like: two, each, the, an, a every, no

Prepositions – describes a relationship between things in a sentence e.g. over, under, behind or below

Adjectives – describe a noun.

Superlative adjectives – words like largest, most frightening which shows the greatest degree

Comparative adjective – compares one thing to another e.g. larger, more scary

Embedded clause – is a subordinate clause in the middle of a sentence e.g. The trenches, a hell hole of mud and fear, were loathed by the soldiers.

Conjunctions – are words that join sentences or parts of sentences together.  You can have subordinating conjunctions such as although, whenever, wherever or co-ordinating conjunctions such as and, but or.  Subordinating conjunctions introduce a subordinating clause or phrase which is normally the part of the sentence without a main verb. With the co-ordinating conjunctions the two parts of the sentence have equal weight.

Adverbs – describe a verb and can be adverbs of time, place or manner e.g. yesterday, over here or quietly.  An adverb also describes an adjective e.g. the very cold wind

Subordinate clause – a part of a sentence that does not have a main verb and so can not stand on its own e.g. Standing alone, I could see the mortar bombers in the distance.

Simile – compare something to something else using as or like e.g. the fire crackled like tissue paper

Metaphor – compare something to something else without using as or like (try and use the 3 step approach by listing characteristics of an object and then finding something else that has that characteristic e.g. bombs – loud/bright/destructive – think of something bright = sun so the bombs are miniature suns exploding in a fiery blazes

Personification – a type of metaphor where something inanimate is compared to a person or animal e.g. the crowd swarmed through the streets

Supporting your child with spellings

Here are some ideas on how to help with spellings each week.

Bloodhound Race for the Line Rocket Car Competition

Following several weeks of designing and building rocket cars the children finally got to find out how fast they could travel. On Thursday 23rd March we joined Callington College A Level students and the British Army to fire our rocket cars down a short track between timing gates. Well done to the team who designed the Fire Boss 2000 as they achieved the fastest time of 26.32 metres per second. Click on the rocket car name below to see a video of that car.

The Red Demon

Hyper Venom Phantom 3

Water Walker

The Fire Boss 2000

Rainbow Flash 2000

Lolly 604

The Flame Thruster 2000

Sonic Boom

Rocket Blaster 101


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