World Book Day – 7th March

  • 05/03/2024
  • Business Manager

Dear parents/carers

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March this year.  This year we are having a book swop in classes with teachers sharing a book with their class and a different class during the morning.  

The children are welcome to bring in a book from home with them on the day. It could be their favourite story, annual, poetry book, information book- whatever they enjoy reading (or enjoy having read to them). We will be sharing the books throughout the day.

Once again, children may come dressed in costumes for the day if they wish. As an alternative to a costume, children can come in dressed up as something to represent their book that they are bringing to school. It could be something that the character wears, or a colour that represents their book, or matching a hair style that a character in their book has.

If your child is not comfortable with dressing up for the day, that is absolutely fine too and they can come in for the day in mufti, or even in their school uniform if that is what they are most comfortable in.

Kind regards

Melissa Pinfield

Literacy Lead

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