Mrs Lane’s Home Learning Music Opportunities

Here are a few ideas to occupy parents and children alike during the lockdown period with a letter of explanation from Mrs Lane. Some of them you will be familiar and some will be new to you.

  • Youtube clips to sing along to from the Sing-Up team; just click on the link to take you to a page of songs.
  • Some suggestions on how you can be a little more creative with music whilst stuck at home

Alternatively, you could open a lyric file below and then click on the performance track to sing along.

Infant Songs

Words Music
Alice the camel Alice the camel – Performance track_
Five little speckled frogs Five little speckled frogs – Performance track
Hey little frog Hey Little Frog – Performance track
I love the flowers I love the flowers – Performance track
My hat My hat, it has three corners –  Performance track
Old MacDonald Old Macdonald  – Performance track
Shake my sillies out Shake my sillies out – Performance track_
The geography song The geography song – Performance track_
Word space Word space – Performance track_

Junior Songs

Words Music
Ain’t gonna let Ain’t Gonna – Performance track
Big Sing Up mambo Big Sing Up Mambo – Performance track
What shall we do with the drunken sailor What shall we do with the drunken sailor? – Performance track
Earth Earth, Space and All That Jazz – Performance track
Hey dumba Hey dumba – Performance track
Hey Hey, my name is Joe – Performance track
Imperfect friend Imperfect Friend – Performance track 
Living in the New Stone Age Living in the New Stone Age – Performance track
One moment One moment, one people – Performance track 

New – week beginning Monday 27th April

Choose a percussion piece from this list and invite everyone in your household to make a sound with their mouth, hands, saucepan etc when their chosen symbol comes up on the screen. See how creative you can be with your improvised percussion instrument.

New – week beginning Monday 4th May

For younger children, why not try a brain break, action and dance song from The Learning Station.

New – week beginning Monday 11th May

This week, why not make a bottle xylophone or another homemade instrument? All you need is a few items and these instructions:

There is also this video, from Mrs Lane, which shows you how to do it.

New – week beginning Monday 8th June

This week, try combining music and movement:

Infant and junior action songs

New – week beginning Monday 15th June

This week, there is a letter explaining what you might like to do. In addition, infants will need to use the song below.

My Minibeast Friends

Musical opportunities for the summer holiday

Sing with BBC now

BBC Proms at home

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