Class 3

Class 3 is a mixed year 3 and year 4 group. The class is taught by Sam Watts and teaching assistant Jo Walker.

Attached is a copy of our current timetable.

Provision for pupils that are out of school

Whilst out of school, pupils are expected to carry out learning from home. Attached and written below are ideas of learning activities that your child could undertake. Whilst these are not obligatory, it is strongly advised that these learning areas are covered as they have strong links with what we have been doing in class and will ensure that pupils do not miss out on learning that we are doing in school.

If there are any questions concerning the learning material below or availability of paper copies, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Core Subjects

  • English writing – Over the past few weeks, in Class 3 we have been doing about persuasive letter writing. We have read zoo articles, school uniform articles, argued about whether to have breaktimes or not and discussed, in-detail, features that are useful to improve persuasive letters. These features include: exaggeration, repetition, rhetorical questions, use of 3, comparative and superlative adjectives and persuasive phrases.

The task set for English writing is to research about any topic which your child feels strongly about and to write a persuasive letter linked to this. Ideas include: space junk, school uniform, zoos, breaktimes and being more eco-friendly however, feel free to follow your child’s interests and be creative with it.

  • Accelerated Reading – As part of reading provision, it is expected that your child is to read for at least 45minutes to 1 hour per day. Accelerated reader quizzes can also now be accessed on line.  Please use the link below and then enter in your user name and password.
  • Maths – Class 3 have recently been learning about fractions and decimals and attached here are some questions about multiplying and dividing by 10s, 100s and 1000s. We will soon be moving onto mass and capacity. As additional provision, ‘pre-teaching’ mass and capacity at home will greatly benefit your child when they are to return to school. Ideas for this include: following a recipe, researching how much water animals drink a day and measuring it out and also experimenting by adding certain quantities of liquids together. If you are feeling particularly confident, you can also try some conversions.It is asked that alongside the above maths learning, children are to continue with their current practice of times tables by using sites such as Times Table Rockstar.

If you wish to do more with your children these educational websites are very useful:

NRICH Maths: Mass and Capacity

Twinkl One Month Free Membership for Parents

TTS Activity Books

Hamilton Trust


Homework each week is as follows:

Released: Friday 20th March

Group A Spellings











Due for Friday 27th March

Group B Spellings











Due for Friday 27th March

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